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Configuring Signagelive on your Clickshare CX series device
Configuring Signagelive on your Clickshare CX series device
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Requirements before you begin:

  • A Signagelive licence

  • A Barco Clickshare CX-20, CX-30 or CX-50 device with internet connection

  • A PC to access the Barco Configurator and the XMS Cloud

How to configure your ClickShare CX series device via XMS cloud

Step-by-step instructions

  • Using your laptop or computer, search for a new Wi-Fi network to connect to, you should find an ad-hoc network that is labelled with the name of your Player. Connect to it using the password: clickshare

  • Enter into your web browser to access the ClickShare Configurator, and log in using admin as both the username and password

  • Click System on the left hand side, then click XMS

  • Progress through the setup process until you get to the smartcare section, at this point make a note of the device Token ID. (if the device is already set up click System on the left hand side, then click XMS to find the device Token ID) This is 8 characters long and will be used in the upcoming steps

  • Connect the laptop back to your own Wi-Fi

  • Navigate to (you may need to create an account if you do not have one already)

  • On your first time logging in you will be greeted by a message prompting you to add base units. If you have previously logged in click the add button in the top right of the screen

  • From here select the device you wish to add and enter the Token ID we noted down earlier (it is possible to click the + icon next to the box to add multiple devices.) then click continue

  • From here you can review the devices you are adding, if these are correct select continue again

  • Using the left hand menu select the Explore icon, from here you can use the search box in the middle of the screen search for Signagelive

  • Once found select view details and then add to xms

  • Using the left hand menu again select manage icon followed by baseunits to bring up a list of your devices

  • To the right of the devices there will be a gear icon which you can use to select the device you wish to set up

  • On the menu that opens select configuration, in the configuration setting panel there will be an option for digital signage, select this

  • You then have the option to select Signagelive from a list of available digital signage apps linked to your account.

  • Click Apply Changes

  • The player will then show a unique 6 digit activation code. To configure this to your Signagelive network, please see this article. When somebody is sharing to the ClickShare base unit, then the Browser player will of course not be visible.

You'll need a Signagelive Licence to use Signagelive on a Clickshare device. To find out more about our licence options, please get in touch.

How can I find out more?

You can find out more about Signagelive and Barco Clickshare here. We also have a dedicated Support Team that is ready to assist you with any questions you may have, so please contact us for any help you require.

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