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Configuring your Amazon Fire TV
Configuring your Amazon Fire TV
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Configuring your Amazon Fire TV or FireStick to display Signagelive is a straightforward process, and if you’ve downloaded an App in the past then it should be a familiar process.

Requirements before you begin:

  • An Amazon Fire TV or FireStick (supported models here)

  • A WiFi network

  • An Amazon account (either new or existing)

  • A screen to display your content on

To configure your Fire TV:

  1. Power on your Fire TV, or connect your external Fire TV Stick to your output display

  2. Connect the Fire TV to the Wi-Fi network

  3. Download and install Fire OS updates, if any are available

  4. Sign in, or create, your Amazon account

  5. Leave Parental Control disabled

  6. Configure the remote control provided and the audio.

  7. Skip the download streaming services screen.

  8. Using the remote control provided, navigate to the Search function

  9. Enter Signagelive and click Search

  10. This should present you with the Signagelive app, which you can select and download.

  11. Once complete, find the App in your Library and launch it.

  12. Make sure the App is set to auto-start on the first screen when launched, then press Save.

That’s it! When the App launches it will display your activation code. This can be activated against your Signagelive licence using the guide here.

Disabling the FireOS "Still Watching?" on-screen prompt:

Due to a recent Amazon FireOS update, we have had reports in which FireOS devices running Signagelive may fall to a black screen unexpectedly.

This is due to Amazon's "Still Watching?" prompt that is enabled by default on FireOS devices.

Should you encounter regular black screens on these devices, you can resolve this by disabling the above-mentioned feature.

To do so:

  • Open the Home menu on your Fire TV device

  • Navigate to Settings > Preferences > Data Usage Monitoring

  • Set "Still Watching" to Off

Should you follow the steps above and still encounter issues, please get in touch with our Support Team.

Please Note

The steps above may vary according to how and when Amazon updates the device. Additional steps may include choosing the manufacturer of your TV/Monitor in order for the device to pair its volume to your display.

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