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Using Signagelive Active Directory with Microsoft Entra ID
Using Signagelive Active Directory with Microsoft Entra ID
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Requirements before you begin:

  • Signagelive Active Directory

  • Microsoft Entra ID (formerly AzureAD) Account

If you’re using Microsoft Entra ID then you can use the integration with Signagelive to manage your various user accounts from a single login. Ideal for larger networks with multiple users and functions. Integration steps for the different providers are broken down into the sections below. Please follow the relevant guide.

Please Note

It's important to check when using your Microsoft Entra ID account with Signagelive Active Directory that they support the use of provisioning to Signagelive.

Signagelive Active Directory integration is a premium feature. To learn more about how this can be added to your service please contact the relevant Sales Team for your territory. Contact details here

Microsoft Entra ID (formerly AzureAD) Supported Features:

  • User Creation

  • User Attribute Updates

  • User Deactivation

Please Note

The updating of User email address is not supported in Signagelive, these will need to be created as new Users.

Configuration Steps

When speaking with your Signagelive Account Manager, you will be asked to provide the following details - these are required for the Microsoft Entra ID integration to be configured on your account.

  • Organisational Unit Name

  • Networks owned by Organisational Unit

Once you have provided these details and purchased the premium feature, the Organisation Unit will be configured by the Signagelive Team.

Following the above, you will be provided with a SSO setup guide containing an Access Token, which you can use according to the steps outlined below.

  1. Login to your Microsoft Entra ID account

  2. Navigate to ‘Enterprise Applications

  3. Click ‘New Application

  4. Search for Signagelive

  5. Select Signagelive and click Add.

  6. Navigate to the properties of the Signagelive App

  7. Within the Provisioning section you can enter the Access Token against the Secret Token and click Test Connection.

  8. After the test completes successfully click Save.

That’s it! You can now add Users to the Signagelive Application, and they will be provisioned with User Level Access within Signagelive.

Single Sign On

Users will be able to log in to Microsoft Entra ID, and Signagelive will be available from their Application dashboard, if they select Signagelive, they will be logged in to Signagelive.

You can also log in to Signagelive via the following methods:

  1. Navigate to, click “Login with SSO”, enter your Organisational Unit name, and then you will be logged in to Signagelive.

  2. Alternatively, a full login URL will be provided within the SSO setup guide document you recieved with your Access Token. You can then use this URL to log in too. An example of how this URL looks is (xx being a number unique to your associated Organisational Unit that will be shared within the supplied SSO setup guide).

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