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Setting Screen Control
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What is Screen Control?

Screen control allows you to set a scheduled on and off time for each Player on your Signagelive Network. This schedule works independently to and will overwrite the Content Schedule, so if you have content published to show all day, every day, but your Screen Control is set to turn your Player ‘off’ at 6pm and back on at 8am, the Player will ‘turn off’ in the set hours and not show the published content.

How do I set Screen Control per Player?

To add Screen Control to one Player, follow these steps within the Player Manager:

  • Login to your Signagelive Network as Administrator or User

  • Select Network

  • Select Manage

  • Select the Player you wish to set Screen Control for

  • Select Content and Screen On / Off

  • Select Add New Schedule from the Screen Control area

  • Within the New Screen Control Schedule window, please select the days and time for your Player to power ON and OFF as per your wishes.

  • When you have added your choice, please click the Save button

  • Your new Screen Control schedule will now be added against your Player.

How do I set up Screen Control for all or some of the Players on my Network?

You can use the Player Settings menu to make changes across all or just some of the Players on your Network. You can learn more about this feature by reading this article.

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