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Real Time Events Overview
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Real-Time Events (RTEs) from Signagelive provide the ability to send outbound messages from your supported BrightSign, ChromeOS and PC appliances to a software system (HTTP), a hardware system (RS232) or a hardware system over the network (TCP) when a preset event occurs.

These ‘events’ can be sent at any of the times below:

  • An asset downloads

  • An asset starts playing

  • An asset finishes playing

  • An asset is removed

RTEs are configured using Signagelive’s user interface, making it possible to create powerful, immersive, and responsive experiences by integrating the content on your screens with the environment around it as well as providing data for analysis to external solutions.

Example use cases for this could be externally storing Proof of Play data (for real-time logging of impressions), changing lighting effects (to match the product or message being displayed), adjusting audio, or initiating mechanical systems (to lift and rotate the screens).

As well as being able to build your own templates for these integrations, there are templates available for ‘out of the box’ integrations with partners. (To learn more about these please contact your Signagelive Account Manager or reach out here.)

RTE allows you to set the configuration at different layers within our solution. The hierarchy is:

  1. Network

  2. Player

  3. Media Asset

This makes it possible to set RTE to execute on:

  1. All Players and Media assets in a network

  2. All media assets published to a player

  3. Single media assets

  4. A combination of 1, 2 and 3

The beauty of RTEs is that the media players don’t need knowledge of the nature of the integration, only that they must perform an action i.e. send an outbound message to another system - this means that the players don’t need updating or configuring in any specific way, they only need to support RTEs.

Please Note

Only Administrators can create Real-Time Events, Users can only select them.

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