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Enabling the Quividi Real Time Events Integration
Enabling the Quividi Real Time Events Integration
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Requirements before you begin:

  • A PC Appliance running client version 1.0.35+ that is activated against a valid Signagelive licence

  • Contact your Signagelive Account Manager for details on setting up Quividi within Signagelive

The Signagelive integration with Quividi works using RTEs, and while Signagelive displays the content, Quividi analyses the audience - our integration links the audience to the contents.

By configuring RTEs for the Start and Stop of the assets on your player, then a message can be sent to Quividi notifying the software of what has been displayed. Quividi then keeps track of the content seen by each person, and uploads anonymised data to the cloud. In this way, you can generate a wide range of analytics that can be broken down on a content basis.

For example;

Content A has an average dwell time of 4.58 seconds and Male viewers make up 40% of the audience. But they make up more than 70% of the dwell time.

These metrics can then be used to target, engage, and enhance your advertising campaign.

The good thing about the integration with Quividi is that the messages sent from your Signagelive device to Quividi will be provided to you as templates for easy configuration so you can jump to the steps below.

Please Note

Quividi offer a paid-for audience measurement service. There is also a cost for the templates provided by Signagelive to enable this integration. If you have not done so, please contact your Signagelive Account Manager for details on this. Alternatively you can reach out via the contact page here.

Completing Set Up

To complete the setup of your RTEs you will need to configure them against; the network, the player(s) or the media asset(s) as desired. These are explained below:


This will enable the RTEs across all supported players and assets on your Signagelive network. You enable this by:

  1. Go to Settings > Real Time Events.

  2. Find the Quividi Audience Per Clip template (this has to be enabled by Signagelive please contact your Sales Representative).

  3. Select the tick box labelled Enabled On All Supported Players and Assets.


This will enable RTEs across the player(s) that you choose. You can do this by:

  1. Go to Network > Manage.

  2. Selecting the Player you would like configure.

  3. Navigate to the Real Time Events tab on the far right.

  4. Select the Quividi Audience Per Clip template.

This will send the RTE for all assets on the player by default

Please Note: Only players that Support Real Time Events will show the RTE tab.

Media Asset

This will enable RTEs on the specific Media Assets that you select, and will therefore apply whenever the asset is published to a supporting Player.

  1. Go to Content > Playlists.

  2. Select the desired Media Asset(s) from your Library.

  3. Click the blue "+" button.

  4. Select the Quividi Audience Per Clip template.

Supported Players

This integration is available for our PC Appliances running client version 1.0.35+. You can view more details on our PC Appliances here, and if you have one already then it should be automatically updating to the latest client version (you can check this within the Player Details section on your network).

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