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Using a Weather App
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New Feature

The weather app will now display in portrait or landscape depending on how you publish your content. For portrait display, simply add the app to a portrait-oriented zone or screen.

There are a range of Weather Apps to choose from in two graphical styles, comprising of one, three, and five-day forecasts. Have a look at the following video to learn more about our adding and editing the great Apps:

How do I download a Weather App?

You can add one of the Weather Apps to your Asset Library by finding it in the Signagelive Marketplace using the following instructions:

  • Log in to your Signagelive Network as a User or Administrator

  • Select Content

  • Select Playlists

  • Select Create/ Edit

  • Select the blue Add Content button

  • Select From the Marketplace

  • Search the Marketplace for ‘weather’ or use the tags listed to find the Weather Apps

  • Select the Add button on any of the Weather App required.

  • Return to the Playlist Creator

  • Select the Recently Added folder where you will see the recently added Apps

How will they look?

Our Weather Apps have been created to work perfectly in both; full-screen on a landscape display or within a landscape (16:9) zone of a portrait or landscape multi-zone layout.

How do I set them up?

These Apps are location-aware so that you can either set them to use an address you manually set in the App preferences or within the Player's address. This will allow the same single App to be published to multiple players and they will show the correct weather for their specified location. The following video shows you how to update the site and contact details in the Player Manager module:

Who is the weather provider?

OpenWeather is the open source weather provider used by Signagelive weather apps.

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