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How Can I Use the Google Sheets App?
How Can I Use the Google Sheets App?
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The Google Sheets App is a tool to incorporate Google Sheets into your digital signage. The steps below provide guidance for preparing your spreadsheet and adding it to the Google Sheets App.

Please Note:

Use a copy of this template as your starting point. Your menu board should follow this table structure in order for the data to render

The Google Sheets App is available in the Signagelive Marketplace. If you are unsure how to find and use this, please see this article.

Please Note

For LG webOS Panels, this release of Menuboard apps are only compatible with Landscape orientation on these panels. A future release will make these apps responsive.

Please Note

For BrightSign devices, a minimum firmware version of 8.*.* is recommended.

Please Note:

When rendering the widget on a Tizen 2.4 (PHF/PMF Series) player, the spreadsheet may not load and instead show a blank sheet with just the header/footer showing.

How do I prepare my spreadsheets?

First things first, you will need to ensure that your document is formatted so that your Spreadsheet will display correctly once on screen. You can configure this within Google Sheets before saving your Spreadsheet.

Now, you’ll need to Publish your Spreadsheet to the web. You can do this by following these steps in the Google Sheets program:

  1. Select File

  2. Select Share

  3. Choose the Publish to Web option

  4. Select Link tab

  5. Choose to Publish data from all sheets, or a specified sheet

  6. Ensure that “Require viewers to sign in with their [company name] account" is unchecked

  7. Select Publish

Top Tip: Once you have the URL for your Sheet presentation, you can just copy and paste that into the App and then configure the settings there.

Please Note:

Google Sheets takes a range of cells which can’t be altered in this App. Therefore it’s best to test out how it displays before going live across your network!

Please Note:

The Application will support the display of charts, but only when published as a single sheet, or an entire G-Sheet document. Publishing a link with a chart only will not display.

How do I display my spreadsheet in the App?

Once you have added the Google Sheets App to your network you can select it in the library, or move it to a playlist. From there you can;

  • Enter Properties

  • Add the URL from the Publish to Web section of your own dataset, created using the Google Sheets link above, to the URL field in the apps properties

  • Click the Refresh button to see your data appear in Signagelive

  • Set your assets other properties using the other tabs provided, and you are ready to publish

How can I update my spreadsheet?

Now that your spreadsheet is published to the web, you can simply update the Google Sheets document with any changes, and this will then automatically update on your Signagelive Player the next time the asset loads in a playlist.

How do I add my own image to the transparent background menu?

If you're looking to use your own image under the transparent menu app, you will need to create two playlists and a layout to contain them both:

  • The first playlist will have your menu app with transparent properties

  • The second playlist will store your image or video background (You can use multiple images or videos if you wish)

Once you have those two playlists, you will need to create a layout background.

By creating two zones on top of each other, you will be able to see your menu items over your own playlist. When publishing, make sure to add your background to the zone at the bottom and your menu playlist to the top.

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