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How to use the Signagelive Google Sheet integrated menus
How to use the Signagelive Google Sheet integrated menus
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Where can I find the Google sheet Menuboard Apps?

You can find a selection of Google sheet enabled Menuboards within the Signagelive Marketplace; which allow you to alter title, text, pricing and calorie information. Once you have chosen the ones you like, you can add them to your network by clicking on the blue + button.

If you aren’t sure how to use, or where to find the Marketplace, please see this article.

Please Note:

For LG webOS Panels, this release of Menuboard apps are only compatible with Landscape orientation on these panels. A future release will make these apps responsive.

Please Note:

For BrightSign devices, a minimum firmware version of 8.*.* is recommended.

How do they work?

Once you have the Menuboards in your library, you can drag them into your playlist and enter the Asset Properties to begin to customise your Menus.

Inside the Asset Properties, you will see a zone to add your Google Sheet URL. You can also customise the Font Colour of your items should you wish.

For a video walkthrough, please see below:

If you have different menus for different days, or different times of the day, be sure to edit the days/times it will show under the Recurrence tab.

Setting up your Google Sheet

There are default Google sheet example for you to choose from

Click on the default template you are going to use and copy/paste this into your own Google sheet which you will need to create. This is to make sure you have the right template to start with.

The template has to be publicly available and this can be done through Share > Get link and changing it to “Anyone on the Internet with this link can view”. When copying your link it needs to have the GID included - an example of the appropriate URL to use is above. Once this step is completed, take the URL from your address bar and paste into your App on Signagelive.

Once this is complete, any changes you make to your Google Sheet will update the app directly. You will not need to sign into Signagelive to edit the text boxes.

Please Note:

Without a GID the app will not work as intended

Setting up a Local Version

As well as providing the Google Sheets version, there is also the optional widget that allows you to edit the values directly in Signagelive through the Widget preferences. This splits each field into an item name, item price and also item calorie information. There is also the option to change what the calorie unit being displayed is, as well as the currency symbol.

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