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How to use the Signagelive Menuboard Apps
How to use the Signagelive Menuboard Apps
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Where can I find the Menuboard Apps?

You can find a selection of Menuboards within the Signagelive Marketplace; some have titles, text and pricing, while others are designed to promote offers. Once you have chosen the ones you like, you can add them to your network by clicking on the blue + button.

If you aren’t sure how to use, or where to find the Marketplace, please see this article.

How do they work?

Once you have the Menuboards in your library, you can drag them into your playlist and enter the Asset Properties to begin to customise your Menus.

Inside the Asset Properties, in the Preview, you will see a set of predefined zones that correspond to the different titles, items and pricing on your menu. Simply work through the boxes filling in the details of your menu. You can also customise the Font Size and Font Colour of your items should you wish.

For a video walkthrough, please see below:

Please Note

When customising your menu, the changes you make will not update in the preview. Only when it is published will the text and colour become live. If you have different menus for different days, or different times of the day, be sure to edit the days/times it will show under the Recurrence tab.

That is all there is to it!

Save your playlist to automatically update your screen, or move on to the Publish process to push your new widget to a player for the first time.

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