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Using PosterMyWall
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PosterMyWall is a design site that provides you with the tools to create professional content, and Signagelive have worked with PosterMyWall to allow you to download that content as a Signagelive widget for direct use in our platform.

You can visit PosterMyWall here, and the information below provides insight into how this works.

Designing Your Content

PosterMyWall gives you a choice of thousands of customizable templates, and their intuitive web-based designer enables you to create content with animations for a whole host of applications. Start your designs here.

Downloading Your Content

Once you have completed your design with PosterMyWall then you can download it as a Signagelive App (or Widget). It’s yours to keep!

Uploading to Signagelive

Your content will come as a packaged application, or widget, which you can upload directly to Signagelive within the Playlist area. Simply:

  • Go to Content > Playlists

  • Click on the Blue + near the top left of your screen

  • Select Media Asset Upload

  • Drag and drop, or click and select the Widget you have created and downloaded from PosterMyWall

  • Tick the box to begin the upload process

Now the widget is in your Library you can add it to a playlist and publish it to your screens. Follow this guide on creating a playlist, and the relevant publishing guide more information on how to do this.

Updating your Content

If you ever wish to update the content you have created with PosterMyWall, then you can access your Order History with them here. Once you have made your changes, then your content will dynamically update! Which means you won’t need to repeat the download, upload and publish steps outlined above.

Please Note:

The time it takes your content to update will depend on your connection speeds, and the frequency of your content checks.

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