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What is a Nested Playlist?

You can think of a nested Playlist like a folder that can be added to another Playlist. When you add a Nested Playlist to your playlist, you are given additional controls. Have a look at this video showing you how to use a Nested Playlist:

How do I Create a Nested Playlist on my timeline?

Follow these steps to add a Nested Playlist to your Playlist:

  • Login to your Signagelive Network

  • Navigate to Content

  • Select Playlists

  • Select Create/ Edit

  • Navigate to the Control Assets folder

  • Drag Nested Playlist asset from folder into your Playlist

Once added, you will now be in a position to configure your newly added Nested Playlist asset.

How do I configure a Nested Playlist?

Once you have added a Nested Playlist, follow these steps to configure it:

  • Double click on the Nested Playlist asset within your Playlist to open it’s properties

  • Select ‘Nested Playlist’ from the tabs

  • Edit the Nested properties

  • You will now need to determine what controls you'd like your Nested Playlist to have:

What added controls will I have access to?

The additional controls available within a Nested Playlist are:

  • Name - This is the title given to the Nested Playlist created and added to your initial Playlist

  • Playlist to Play - Choose to create either a new Playlist, or to embed an existing Playlist within your initial Playlist. This is the Playlist that will in turn, be added to your initial Playlist

  • Play Mode - Choose to either play all the assets within the Nested Playlist on each rotation of your initial Playlist OR to play only one asset each time, playing the next asset each rotation of the initial Playlist

  • Play Order - Choose to play assets in Normal, Random, Reverse or to only play Top X (given number of assets upon each play of the Nested Playlist)

  • Maximum Number of Assets - dictates maximum number of assets that can be added to this Nested Playlist.

After you have made these changes, once you are happy with your Nested Playlist being added. You must save your Playlist for these changes to be saved.

How do I edit my Nested Playlist?

Whether you chose to create a new Playlist, or add an existing one to your initial Playlist, you will need to open the Playlist that the Nested Playlist is directed to in order to add content to it.

Follow these steps to learn how:

  1. Log in to your Signagelive Network

  2. Navigate to Content

  3. Select Playlist

  4. Select Create/ Edit

  5. Select Open Playlist

  6. Select or search for the name of the Playlist created when configuring your Nested Playlist and select ‘OK

  7. Add or remove content from this Playlist as you would any other and save your changes, which will then be applied to the Nested Playlist and it’s holding Playlist

What if I want to have multiple instances of the same Nested Playlist within a Main Playlist?

This might be useful for a number of reasons; perhaps you have a folder for advertising that you'd like to mix in with your other content. Or Health and Safety messaging you'd like to sprinkle throughout your Corporate Communications.

Adding multiple instances of the same Nested Playlist within a main playlist can present as something like this:

Asset 1 > Nested Asset 1 > Asset 2 > Nested Asset 2

The way to set this up within the Playlist section is:

  1. Open the Control Assets folder.

  2. Drag the Nested Playlist asset into a New Playlist

  3. Double Click the asset to open the properties.

  4. Configure your Nested Playlist. Making sure to add a name and select the Playlist you would like to associate this asset with.

  5. Once configured, save your Playlist with just the single Nested Playlist asset inside.

This has now created your Nested Playlist as an Asset, which you can search for in your Library. So, in order to add multiple instances of the same Nested Playlist within a Main Playlist, you can:

  1. Open the Main Playlist you would like to use.

  2. Search your Asset Library for the Nested Playlist you created with the steps immediately above.

  3. Drag your Nested Playlist asset into your Main Playlist as many times as you would like.

That's it! Save your playlist to automatically update your content, or go to the publish area to schedule something new.

What if I have scheduling on the assets in my Nested Playlist as well as the Nested Playlist itself?

In general, the scheduling on your Nested Playlist will take precedence over the scheduling on the assets within. So if you set Validity on your Nested Playlist, it will override the Validity you set on the Assets within that playlist. However, if there's no conflict, then you can use Validity and Recurrence to powerful effect. You could have, for instance:

  • A Nested Playlist with Recurrence that shows Monday - Friday between 12 and 2, and Media Assets within that playlist that will expire next week, with other Assets set to begin that week.

  • A Nested Playlist that is Valid from the beginning of next month, and Media Assets within that will only show on Weekends.

How do I preview the contents of a Nested Playlist?

The Nested Playlists you have created can be previewed when you add them to new or existing playlists. You can do this by clicking on the small + button to the right hand side of the asset.


Please Note

You will need to save the Nested Playlist/Playlist you are working on for this button to appear.

How can I find out more?

You can always search for answers with the Signagelive Help Centre, but rest assured we have a dedicated Support Team that are ready to assist you with any questions you may have. We are always here to help as best we can, so just contact us for any help you require.

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