Using the Find and Replace tool
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The Find and Replace tool makes it easy to replace media assets in your playlist with new content from your library. When replacing the content, you also have the option to ‘Copy media asset properties’ meaning you can keep existing tags, conditions, scheduling and more.

How to use this feature?

The Find and Replace tool can be found within the Playlist area of your Signagelive network. To use it you can;

      1. Login to your Signagelive network

      2. Go to Content, then Playlists.

      3. Navigate to the right-hand portion of the screen and click on the search icon (video below).

To use this tool:

  1. In the Find box, search for the name of the asset you would like to find in your playlist. (You can also search in the drop-down).

  2. In the Replace box, search for the name of the asset in your library that you would like to swap into your playlist. (The tile icon to the right of the Replace box lets you search the library)

  3. You will now see the selected assets in their respective search boxes. Before making the switch, you have the option to:

    1. Copy the media asset properties.

    2. Use ‘Find Previous’ and ‘Find Next’ to cycle through selected assets,

    3. Replace Single Assets, or Replace All

  4. Once you have made your Find and Replace selection then the assets will be updated in your playlist below.

That’s it! The final step is clicking the Save icon! Your screens already showing the playlist will update automatically.

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