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How to make a copy of your Custom RSS Feed?
How to make a copy of your Custom RSS Feed?
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Within the Custom RSS Feed area of your Signagelive network you can easily copy one of your feeds by carrying out the following steps:

  1. To begin you must navigate to the Custom RSS Feed area by clicking on the Content menu.

  2. From the Content menu, please click Assets and then select the Message Manager Template Editor menu option.

  3. You will now be taken a list of all Custom RSS Feeds currently added to your network. All you now need to do is find the feed you wish to make a copy of and then click the blue Copy Feed icon.After pressing the Copy Feed icon a copy of your selected feed will be made, however you will first be asked "Are you sure you want to create a copy of this feed?". One you proceed, the feed will be created with the same name as the original feed, however have the term Copy added to the end of the naming.

    You have now successfully made a copy of your feed.

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