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How to give Message Manager access to all users on a Custom Feed?
How to give Message Manager access to all users on a Custom Feed?
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Within your network it is now possible to add all listed users to be Message Manager users in a single click rather than having to go through each individually and adding them. You are able to carry out this process within the Custom RSS Feed Editor by carrying out the following steps:

  1. To begin you must navigate to the Custom RSS Feed area by clicking on the Content menu.

  2. From the Content menu, please click Assets and then select the Message Manager Template Editor menu option.

  3. You will now be taken a list of all Custom RSS Feeds currently added to your network. Please click on the name of the feed you wish to change the Message Manager user access for and the feed will now open within your browser for you to view.

  4. Please now click on the blue Message Manager Users button.

  5. Within the Message Manager Users area, you will now notice a blue button named Add All Users. When you click this particular button all of the users listed below will be automatically added and their records will all change to be green to show they have been given access.

You have successfully added all users to a Custom Feed so that they are Message Manager users.

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