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What it means to be a Signagelive Reseller
What it means to be a Signagelive Reseller
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There are many digital signage companies that claim to be both Cloud and channel friendly and the sheer number of solutions can make your head spin. We’ve been able to cut through the noise and grow rapidly for three simple reasons:

  • We are 100% channel – we never sell directly to the end customer and pride ourselves on delivering quality leads to our Value Added Resellers

  • Our solution is available at most distribution companies

  • We partner with the leading display and media player technologies; our support for non-PC and System on Chip (SoC) technologies ensure that can reduce the total cost of ownership of digital signage installations, while still retaining great margin for our VAR community

We know that digital signage can be a complicated sale, requiring VARs to bring together software, content, hardware, installation and connectivity. That’s why we partner with leading distributors throughout the world to provide the easiest possible sales process.

How it works

The process is really simple, you place the licence order with a distributor, earning healthy margins on the initial sale. Customers are trained and supported by Signagelive staff for as long as they use our product. We contact you when their licences are expiring and you earn the same margin on renewals.

Signagelive resellers participate in an easy to understand programme which includes the following:

  • Dedicated Sales Management to help you identify and close deals

  • Sales and technical training for your team

  • Marketing collateral and free leads

  • Live Chat technical support offered FREE for you and your customer's

  • The best compensation model in the industry

Signagelive is the only cloud digital signage company that provides great margin and a seamless sales process with great up-front and licence renewal margin.

How can I find out more?

Contact us today to learn more about becoming a Signagelive Value Added Reseller.

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