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Setting up your Mersive Solstice device with Signagelive
Setting up your Mersive Solstice device with Signagelive
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Requirements before you begin:

  • A Signagelive Web Content license

  • A Mersive Solstice device with internet connection

  • A keyboard and mouse

  • A PC to access Solstice Dashboard

Signagelive supports the ability to deliver content via your Mersive solstice device. The supported assets that are currently available are:

  • Image: JPEG, PNG

  • Web Pages

  • Marketplace Apps/Widgets

  • HLS streams (only)

Please Note

Mersive Solstice devices do not cache content locally so an internet connection will always be required.

Media Playback Features

Full-screen and multi-zone layout support.

  • Landscape support only.

  • Online playback of media only.

  • Widgets from our Marketplace.

  • Nested and Localised Playlists.

  • Web Triggers

  • Window Resolution Changes

System Management Features

  • Application updates

To Install Signagelive on your Mersive Solstice device, you will need to access your settings in your Mersive UI. From here you can enter the Website URL.

  • Plug a keyboard and mouse into your Mersive Solstice device, and connect it to the internet - this can be done via an Ethernet cable or a Wi-Fi connection.

  • Once your Mersive Solstice device is successfully connected to the internet, download and open the Solstice Dashboard application on your laptop or PC - click here to download.

  • Once inside the Solstice Dashboard, import your Solstice Display by clicking Discover - if your Solstice device is already connected to the same network as the device you are accessing the Solstice Dashboard from, your device should appear here.

  • Click on your device then head over to the Digital Signage tab.

  • Ensure that the Enabled tickbox is ticked, this will then give you several options below.

  • Click on the Full Screen tickbox, and then copy and paste the following URL: into the Source URL field.

  • Click Apply and your unique 6 digit activation code should now appear on whatever screen you have connected to your Mersive Solstice device.

Please Note

If the Mersive Solstice device is used extensively with more resources, the player might automatically disable playing digital signage if it finds the performance of the device is degraded. At this point, the device would show the default home screen. Some pieces of content would need to be removed from your Signagelive schedule in order to avoid this performance issue.

To resolve this on the device after removing some content, load the Solstice Dashboard app and check for the device IP. The Dashboard will show a red notification that reads “Digital signage is disabled as performance degradation is observed'' in the Digital Signage tab. Relaunch the application by clicking the ‘Apply’ button within the Digital Signage tab in the app and the player should be able to connect and play the updated content fine.

Both Web content licence and Standard licence are available for the Airtame device. To find out more about our licence options, please see here -

To configure this to your Signagelive network, please see this article.

How can I find out more?

You can find out more about our Browser Player by viewing the articles in our Browser Player section here. We also have a dedicated Support Team that are ready to assist you with any questions you may have, so please contact us for any help you require.

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