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How can I set the Player time zone via my Signagelive Network?
How can I set the Player time zone via my Signagelive Network?
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When using your Signagelive Network to look at your Player information, you will notice on the System Tab that the Timezone section contains a Player Reported timezone, which is your currently set Timezone data being directly reported back by your connected device.

Please Note

With the SMIL player, IAdea, Planar and Viewsonic solutions it is possible to set the Player Timezone via your Signagelive Network via a Configured Timezone setting; this option is only available on these Media Player types.

How do I set a Configured Timezone?

To set a configured timezone, please follow these steps:

  • Login to your Signagelive network.

  • Navigate to the Player that you wish to change the Timezone for via your Player Dashboard or by going to Network > Manage via the top menu navigation.

  • Once you are looking at the individual Player information, please click on the System Tab and then within the Timezone section, please set your desired Configured Timezone from the drop-down menu available.

  • Once happy with your selection, please click on the Save button.

  • The Player will update its details upon the next Content Check.

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