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How do I configure my BrightSign player's network connection?
How do I configure my BrightSign player's network connection?
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You can use our BrightSign Config Tool to create the network.json file needed to configure your BrightSign player to connect to any wired or wireless network. To do this, you will require a blank SD card and a computer with an SD card reader in order to create the network.json config file.

Please Note

This configuration should take place before the Signagelive application configuration, alternatively, use a blank SD card during this process to ensure the config file will run rather than automatically running the Signagelive application.

The steps to complete this are as follows:

  1. Insert your SD card into the SD card reader and open File Explorer (Windows Key + E) before navigating to the root of the SD card.

  2. Create a new folder on the root of the SD and name it Data.

  3. Within the Networking section of the tool, enter all relevant info for:
    a. Networking Mode - If Static IP is selected, you will then also need to configure the remaining properties, such as IP address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, and DNS 1 and 2.
    b. Select either DHCP or Static IP.

  4. Choose your Connection Type
    a. Select either Ethernet (wired) or Wireless

  5. If choosing Wireless, enter the Network SSID and Passphrase

  6. Select Generate

  7. Add the generated network.json file to the Data folder created on the root of your SD Card.

  8. Insert the SD card into your BrightSign Player and power cycle to restart.

Your BrightSign player will now have its required network config files allowing it to access the network.

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