An introduction to Data Integrations
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Data Integrations is an add-on feature for any network which enables users to configure and manage the delivery of Secure Dashboards to their digital signage. It offers control over where you navigate within an application and the ability to capture the exact content you want to share with your audiences; from accessing authenticated websites to navigating to particular pages and taking screenshots of certain graphics.

Please Note

Data Integrations accepts a variety of different platforms and data, but for all other cases where your webpage requires a unique login, you can use the Secure Dashboard app to create unique automation that works on your specific site.

How can I find out more?

For more information on accessing Data Integrations within your network, or to check if it is currently enabled, please see this article.

If you wish to enable Data Integrations, please get in touch with your Signagelive reseller. Or you may also get in touch with our sales team who will answer any questions. You can also contact our Support team here if you need further assistance.

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