Supported PC Appliance Features
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At a high level, we recommend using the following commonly supported file types, however, a full summary of the current support can be found in the following document.

Please Note

The features listed in this article are just some of the items that our PC Appliances can achieve. For a full listing of supported media types and features, please take a look at the following link here.

  • Image: JPG, PNG

  • Video: MP4 (h.264)

  • Executable Files (.exe)

Media Playback Features

  • Full-screen and multi-zone layout support.

  • Landscape and portrait support.

  • Offline playback of media.

  • Widgets from our Marketplace

  • Nested and Localised Playlists.

  • Web Triggers

  • MRSS

  • HDMI Input

  • HLS - HTTP Live Streaming

  • Keyboard interrupts

  • Multi-screen & Windowed-mode support

  • Windows Shell (Locked down)

System Management Features

  • Remote Screenshots

  • A wide array of device monitoring and reporting

  • Remote App Updates

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