macOS Client FAQ
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Are additional codecs required?

No, all codecs are embedded within the application and so there's no requirement to install Codecs to ensure the associated media is capable of being played.

How do I close the application?

To close the application you simply need to press the Escape key.

How do I open the Signagelive settings page?

  • macOS Client: Press Command and S and the same time.

How do I view the System Information?

To view the system information on your device, you will need to use the relevant method below:

  • macOS Client: Press Command and I and the same time.

How do I stop the application from running at startup if the autorun in settings does not work?

To stop the application from running, please open the Signagelive settings (see above if unsure on how to do this) and then deselect the Auto Run at Login option, then click save to store your changes.

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