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How do I set the Layout Fit / Resize behaviour on my ChromeOS device?
How do I set the Layout Fit / Resize behaviour on my ChromeOS device?
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In 1.88 and below, in a multi-monitor configuration, if one of the monitors is disconnected and the app is restarted, Signagelive would be resized or squished to fit the remaining monitors.

To solve this, in version 1.92 we have added an option to the setup screen that disables auto scaling of content to fit the available display window by default. Note for this to work Unified Desktop must be Allowed/Enabled via the Kiosk App settings in the Google Admin setup.

The options are:

  1. Fill - Resize layouts to fill the display area (Default)

  2. None - Do not resize layouts

To prevent layouts/content from being resized, option (2) None must be selected. For new and existing installs (1) Fill should be the default unless changed.

There are some limitations with this feature currently:

  • Turning off resizing applies to ALL content including fullscreen. As a result fullscreen content such as default content and playlists will not scale correctly. This is not an issue when using layouts.

  • If you disconnect the primary display then Chrome will select a new primary monitor and shift the content across.

For more information about display features please check out our ChromeOS Display Setup Feature FAQs article.

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