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How to remove/reset Signagelive

Should you wish to remove or reset Signagelive, please change the URL in the Signage Content URL field of your device within your XMS Portal account to which should result in an on-screen message that reads "Signagelive has been removed from this device". Follow the steps above to get back to the Digital Signage tab for your device and untick Enable Signage.

Will the Instructional Bar at the bottom disappear?

Unfortunately, the instructional Bar will always be at the bottom of the screen, however you can still see the content through the bar. The bar size depends on the screen size and the values set on the Personalization-On-screen ID field. Please get in touch with Clickshare support for further information.

Can I view the Signagelive Info Bar on my Clickshare device?

Typically on Browser Players you can click and hold in one of the top corners whilst Signagelive is running to access the Info bar. However, if you are using your Browser Player on a Clickshare device then you will not be able to access this from the Clickshare device itself. This is due to the way that the Browser Player URL is broadcasted to the device and the way Clickshare devices handle digital signage content - as such you cannot interact with the screen using a USB mouse.

How do I edit the timeout for the Standby Mode?

Go to ECO or Standby Mode timeout configured on “System – Energy Savers” menu to avoid the screen being off while showing content via our Browser player

Do I need to have the dongle plugged in at all times?

No, it’s not needed to have the dongle plugged in at all times, however you may see content stops playing after a certain amount of time. You can change this timeout of when the screen would go black to never by going to Screensaver time within the “Display & Audio– Outputs” menu and setting this to “Never”.

Does IPTV work on this device?

IPTV streams do not work on this device due to the builtin browser (Chromium 83) not supporting HLS streams

What is the total storage capacity for the CX series models?

Storage for each model varies, but at this time the available storage limit is set to 256MB for the CX-20, CX-30 and CX-50, of which 80% is usable by the browser.

Known Bugs

  • ClickShare CX-50 not starting when connected to Samsung QMxx or QBxxB series screen

  • When the CX-50 boots, it's resolution is set to 60p/Hz and some Samsung monitors won't show 60p unless you activate Input Signal Plus on the HDMI port. Solution:
    In the Samsung display menu activate Input Signal Plus on the HDMI port
    This setting can be found under Picture > Advanced Settings > Input Signal plus > and select the corresponding HDMI input to activate it.

  • Limitation: Signagelive info window cannot be shown as the media player is running as a screensaver.

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