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Which Player Clients support Proof of Play logging?
Which Player Clients support Proof of Play logging?
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The following article shows which of our player clients will or will not support Proof of Player logging at the time of release:

The following player clients will support Proof of Play logging:

  • Legacy PC Client

  • PC Player

  • IAdea

  • Samsung Smart Signage Platform

  • Samsung Tizen

  • LG WebOS

  • Chrome OS

  • Chrome Flex

  • BrightSign

  • Philips

  • FireOS

It is possible for any Player which is written to work with the Player API to support Proof of Play, but the third party provider would need to make the Player record and upload the data required. This is not something that will be delivered by Signagelive unless otherwise stated.

How can I find out more?

To learn more about Proof of Play or Signagelive Analytics, you can visit this section of the Signagelive Help Centre. You can also speak with the support team here for any help you require.

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