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Using the Grow App
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Grow is a great tool to connect your data across multiple platforms, choose a dataset, and present that to your team in an attractive, visual way. To help you make use of Grow within your organisation, Signagelive has created this simple to use App.

Please Note

Grow is separate company to Signagelive, and to use this App you will need to sign up for a Grow account and work with their onboarding team to create your first dashboard. You can visit their website here. Or contact their Sales team for more info at [email protected]

Adding the Grow App to your network

First, you will need to locate the Grow App within the Marketplace and add it to your network.

If you’re unsure where to find the Marketplace, or how you can add the content within to your network, please see this guide.

How to Set Up the Grow App

First, you'll need to get the URL for the iframe. Here's how to get it:

  1. Login to your Grow account here.

  2. Go to your Settings

  3. Click on Dashboards

  4. Find the Dashboard you want to place in an iframe. Click on the title of the dashboard.

  5. Under the Sharing section, click Generate Share URL

  6. Copy this URL.

Please Note

As a security measure, you'll need to email [email protected] so they can enable it for your account. You only need to contact the Grow support team once per user account.

Once you have the URL (and it has been enabled by the Grow Support team) You can configure the Grow App within your library, or you can drag it into a Playlist. From there you can double click on the App to open its properties.

  • Content to Embed - This is where you input your Grow dashboard share URL

  • Allow Widget to Refresh - If set to ‘Yes’ then this will refresh according to the time you set as the Refresh Interval

  • Refresh Interval (mins) - How often you’d like it to refresh.

  • You can also set any other Conditions or Scheduling options.

That’s it! You can save your Playlist to update, and go to the Publish section to make it live across your screens.

Please Note

Grow will only work on Electron, ChromeOS, LG webOS 4.0, Tizen 4.0 and Brightsign v8 f/w.

How can I find out more?

More information about the content and Apps within the Marketplace is available in this Help Centre section. You can also speak with the Signagelive Support Team via Live Chat or by emailing [email protected].

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