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Using the Webpage App
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Although you can add a webpage directly to your library. Our Webpage App allows you to position a webpage by choosing where the display begins, and scale out from there across your display.

Where can I find the Webpage App?

The App is available within the Signagelive marketplace, and can be accessed via our website here, or within the Playlist area once you’ve logged in. For more information please see this article.

How to use the Webpage App?

Once you have added the Webpage App from the marketplace it will appear in your library. You can now drag and drop this into a playlist and configure it.

  • Double click the Web Page widget in your playlist to configure settings

  • Add the URL of the webpage that you would like to show to the URL field

  • Use Refresh Interval, to set how often you would like the webpage to refresh

  • Set the Top Positioning - where the the webpage will display from on the vertical plane

  • Set the Left Positioning - where the webpage will display from the horizontal plane (The webpage will automatically scale, so it can be used dynamically either within a layout or full-screen in a playlist)

  • Set any other conditions on the asset to control its playback

  • Click the Refresh button to see a preview of your webpage data (The page data may look different once it reaches your device)

Simply save your playlist to automatically update your screen(s), or push the content out to your players for the first time.

Please Note:

As the presentation of web pages can vary across hardware, it’s worth testing the page you would like to show in a controlled environment before putting it live across your network.

Please Note:

If you want to use the App with multiple webpages it might be best to add multiple apps to a folder and configure them in there. That way you can have multiple Web page Apps pre configured and ready to go!

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