Adding Apps (or Widgets)
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There are two ways to add an App (or Widget) to your Layout, a single App within a Static Zone, or a Playlist of one or multiple Apps within a Schedulable zone.

How do I add a single App to my Layout?

If you require one, single App to be shown on your Layout and for it to always be present for the entire duration of the Layout itself, you should add a static App to your Layout.

This is achieved by following these steps:

  • Log in to Signagelive as a User or Administrator

  • Select Content

  • Select Layouts

  • Open an existing or create a new Layout

  • Select Static App zone from the menu ribbon, resize and position to the area of the Layout you wish it to be shown

  • Select Zone Properties

  • Use the drop down to choose an App from your Asset Library or select โ€˜Add Newโ€™ to upload a new App (you will need the .wgt file in order to upload a local file)

How do I add multiple Apps to one zone?

This is achieved by using a Schedulable zone in a Layout and publishing a Playlist containing one or multiple Apps within that Schedulable zone during the Publish Process.

By using this method, you have the extra conditional playback features such as recurrence and validity available within the Playlist Creator. You can learn more about these features here.

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