Adding Schedulable Ticker (RSS) Zones
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You can add a Ticker zone to any Layout, which will allow you to add any text based external RSS feed (ie. local news stories) or your own custom RSS, created by using the Message Manager Template Editor.

You can add the Ticker zone as with any other zone within the Layout Designer, you can find out more by reviewing the Introduction to the Layout Designer article within the Signagelive Help Centre.

Watch this video to learn more about adding and customising a Ticker zone using the Layout Designer:

To add a Ticker zone, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Signagelive account (as a User or Administrator)

  • Select Content

  • Select Layout

  • Open existing or create new Layout

  • Select Ticker zone from the Layout Designer menu ribbon.

  • You can then move and resize this zone by simply dragging it on the Layout canvas.

How do I customise the appearance of my Ticker?

Once added, you can open the zone properties to configure the Ticker zone, including the following options:

  • Size and position - allows you to amend the size and position of the Ticker zone per pixel

  • Background

    • Colour - select a single colour to fill the background of your Ticker zone

    • Opacity - set the transparency of the Ticker zone

  • Font

    • Font - select a font from the dropdown list of fonts available (Please note: if the chosen font is not available on the Player you publish this Layout to, it will revert to the default 'Arial' font)

    • Colour - Select a colour for the text within the Ticker zone

    • Size - Select the size of the font within the Ticker zone using the slider bar (1-150)

  • Animation

    • Animation Direction, choose from:

      • Left to Right

      • Right to Left

      • Top to Bottom

      • Bottom to Top

      • Fade In/ Out

    • Speed - Use slider to adjust Ticker scroll speed

    • Pause - Use the slider to adjust the duration of pause between each item of the Ticker

  • Asset

    • Asset - Select an existing RSS feed or upload a new RSS feed to show at times when no scheduled Tickers are added to this zone

    • Separator - choose a .jpg or .png image to add that will show in between each item of your chosen RSS feed once published

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