Duplicating assets within a Playlist
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This feature is yet to be released, this article will be updated and relevant communications will be sent out when this feature is released. If you have any further questions please Contact Us.

If you require multiple instances of the same asset within a Playlist, then making use of our “Duplicate Asset” functionality within the Playlist Editor is a great way of achieving this. This article will outline the steps to do so.

  1. Head to Content > Playlists > Edit on your Signagelive Network

  2. Open an existing Playlist or create a new one by dragging and dropping an asset over to the Playlist section on the right

  3. Select the asset(s) in the Playlist that you’d like to duplicate then click the Duplicate button located at the top of the Playlist area

Following the steps above, you’ll notice an additional instance of your selected assets appear in your Playlist.

Pro Tip:

If an asset has any properties set (such as Duration, Validity, Tags) these will also be duplicated when pressing the “Duplicate” button

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