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Mastering the Playlist Creator
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The following video gives an overview of the Playlist Creator and its functionality:

From the Playlist menu, within the Playlist Creator, you can:

  1. Create new Playlists

  2. Open saved Playlists

  3. Save your Playlist

  4. Save As Copy (creates a duplicate file with new filename)

  5. Export Playlist details (sends a CSV file to your email with all asset properties within the selected Playlist)

  6. Preview Playlist

Can I change the view?

You can switch between horizontal and vertical Playlist views to alter the page layout and working area or view.

Within the vertical Playlist view, you can also toggle between simple, list and detailed views, showing more or less information about each asset within your Playlist.

How can I search through my asset library?

Take a look at this video showing you how to use the Playlist Creators search bar to search through your assets by either filename or tags:

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