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This article will guide you through finding and downloading a widget before uploading it to your Signagelive Network. Once uploaded, you can then change it's properties, either globally or individually at playlist level. Read on to learn more. 

The biggest change to Signagelive widgets is that they are now all stored and available in the Marketplace. You can see more information about the Marketplace here. 

When you've found your way around and chosen a widget or two, you can quickly and simply add them to your Signagelive Network.

Adding a widget to your Network


The above gif shows the process of adding a widget from the Signagelive Marketplace to your Network, you can also follow the below text instructions:

  • Log in to your Signagelive account
  • Navigate to the Playlist Creator
  • Select Add button
  • Select 'From the Marketplace'
  • Find the widget you wish to add to your Network and click the blue 'Add' button

Once you see the notification that the widget was successfully added to your Network, you can find it in your Asset library, or access it quickly by heading to the 'Recently Added' folder.




How do I edit my widgets? 

You can edit widgets in a couple of ways, by changing either the default properties or by changing the widget's individual properties within a playlist.

Changing a widget's default properties


By changing a widget’s default properties, it will have the same values each and every time it’s used. If you add this widget to your playlist or layout, it will show its default properties which can be handy if you want to reuse the same widget several times in one playlist, but with only slight changes, see below for more details.

You can also change the widget’s properties when used in a playlist on an individual basis, as shown in this video.

Changing a widget's properties, per use


The video above shows how you can set the properties individually per widget, thus overwriting the widget’s default properties.

As with other Signagelive media, you can also add other controls to the widget, such as conditions, recurrence and validity. For more information on those features, have a look at the playlist management section of our Help Centre for further details.

As always, let us know what you think in our Community or, if you have an idea for a new widget, let us know in the Signagelive Ideas Portal



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