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The Signagelive Marketplace


The Marketplace is now open for you to casually peruse for a new clock widget, a usable menu board, or even a layout background. We have added over 500 items to begin with, for you to browse through, download and add to your Signagelive Network. Whilst there’s already a large selection available, we’ll be adding to the variety of content types available in the Marketplace very soon.

Have a look at the following introduction video for a first look at accessing the Signagelive Marketplace, searching for content and downloading an application.

Accessing the Marketplace.

You’ll need to access the playlist creator (beta) before going to the content uploader where you’ll find the option to download content ‘from the Marketplace’.


Searching the Marketplace.

You can search the Marketplace just like you can in the new playlist creator. You can search by sector, tags, filters, orientation and type. Plus, you can search within these ‘folders’ as shown below.


This is just the beginning for the Signagelive Marketplace and we’d like to know more about the types of content you’d like to see in the Marketplace in the future. You can let us know your suggestions in this section in the Signagelive Ideas Portal.

Watch this space for more exciting releases soon from Signagelive.

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