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SSSP - F Range (Tizen) - Manual firmware upgrade


As a Samsung Smart Signage Platform user, you may occasionally have to check and upgrade the firmware on your F range panel to allow new features or resolve bugs. Here are the instructions for manually upgrading your current firmware version.

Important note

The current supported version of firmware is 2005.6, and details of how to manually upgrade your firmware can be found here. Please note we have found compatibility issues with later versions of firmware that we are working on with Samsung directly.

Please note

It is recommended that you wait for at least 60 seconds after powering on your display to proceed with a firmware update.

We recommend you wait at least 30 seconds following insertion of your USB device to allow it to properly initialise and be available for use.

We advise that you change the input/ source before proceeding, rather than use the URL Launcher

  1. Download the latest F Series firmware here
  2. Extract the archive and copy the extracted folder to the root directory of a removable USB drive
  3. Rename the folder to 'T-HKMLAKUC'
    • Ensure that it is the folder that you rename and not the file you have placed within. Renaming the incorrect file will lead to an error.
  4. Insert the USB drive into the Tizen screen
  5. Press 'Menu' on the remote control
  6. Browse to the Support menu and then select 'Software Update'
  7. When asked if you would like to check for updates on USB storage select 'Yes'
  8. Confirm that you would like to continue with the firmware installation
  9. After installation, the panel will turn itself off
  10. Wait a few seconds, turn the panel back on and check that the firmware was updated successfully by checking the firmware version reported in the Support menu
Please note

If you have any issues with obtaining your current version information, speak with either your hardware supplier or our support team for further instruction. 

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