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New Playlist Creator updates


We have made some of the iterative improvements to our New Playlist Creator whilst still within it's Beta testing phase, both as a result of the excellent feedback provided by our trusted users and from bugs and improvements we found whilst testing internally. 

Here's a video to show you some of the changes made and new features introduced.


You can also see a concise breakdown of the change log below.

As well as this, we still have an open community article where you can discuss both the new and old (or Flash v HTML5) Playlist Creators in all their glory. You can get to that article by clicking on this link .

January 2017

  • Added Signagelive Marketplace to playlist creator
  • Added support for widgets in the playlist creator. Widgets can be uploaded, added to a playlist and widget properties can be modified in the playlist media asset properties modal
  • Added the ability to preview playlists in the playlist creator  
  • Added the ability to double click assets in the playlist timeline to open the playlist media asset properties window
  • Added Tooltips to buttons
  • Changed the Date Time selector used, you can now manually input the hours, minutes, seconds in the time picker. 
  • Updated validity properties, so that when the end date is selected the end time defaults to 23:59:59 rather than 00:00:00.
  • Recurrence could not be removed for an asset in the timeline
  • Playlists show unsaved changes if reopened
  • When linking a playlist to nested playlist control asset, the scroll bar disappears and users can't click the OK button on low resolutions screens
  • On Safari MP4 uploads were not permitted.
  • Newly saved playlist are now shown in the Open Playlist dialog results.
  • Using the Save as button appended “ - copy” to the original playlist name
  • Re-opening playlist media asset properties window for an asset in the timeline would result in recurrence times being blank when they should be populated
  • Tabs on Playlist Media Asset Popup fail to load when using the horizontal playlist
  • Display "Open a playlist or drag a media asset here to start creating a new playlist" message when all assets are removed
  • The third asset in the upload window gets stuck and won’t get uploaded unless it’s re-added

October 2016

  • Added support for Media RSS Feeds
  • Added support for Local / Nested Playlists
  • Multi-select and drag / drop of multiple objects
  • Contextual Operations on multiple objects within the Asset Library - e.g. Add to Playlist, Delete
  • Added Proof of Play support
  • Added Playlist Media Asset Actions
  • Added a dropdown and checkboxes to allow the user to select all, expired, about to expire or not yet valid assets in a playlist and delete them (instead of Delete Keyboard)
  • Added the ability to perform operations on multiple media assets i.e. delete, perm delete, restore, add to playlist and remove from folder
  • Added ability to set duration on mass for assets in a playlist  
  • Added validation that the user has permission to use assets before they are uploaded.
  • Prevent unsupported Assets from being added to a Playlist
  • Display the asset thumbnail whilst dragging
  • Improve notifications when adding Web Page, RSS or IPTV stream assets by displaying the name in the notification
  • Change "Upload" window title to "Media Asset Upload"
  • Removed info button on playlist editor
  • The selected view is now displayed the selector (i.e. that button is selected)
  • Show the duration of videos in the asset list
  • Show the size and duration of the playlist in vertical view
  • Changed the new playlist button to a plus
  • When there is more than 1 search team or a folder and a search term used there is a link that will clear the search
  • Resize horizontal playlist so the playlist takes up less space
  • Improved the drag performance within a playlist
  • Improved validation for url fields
  • Tabs on the PMA and Media Asset Popups instead of Accordion
  • Removed Lazy Loader as this was buggy and added pagination
  • Improved performance in Edge
  • Video previews - will be available as they are processed in the background
  • Prevent Trashed assets from being added to playlists if they are dragged by clicking on thumbnails
  • Proof of Play references could not be deleted in Media Asset Properties
  • Error message was not showing when duplicate folders added.
  • Fixed duplicate search results when searching playlists
  • Bug when opening playlists where the same search term but difference case is used the results are displayed twice
  • Return list in human order rather than ascii alpha order
  • Update Playlist duration when an asset duration changes
  • Refresh the folder when adding objects so that the properties are correct
  • Fixed layout bug with additional info as it was being displayed inline rather than below the playlist media asset
  • Fixed bug where changing the duration did not update the displayed duration on the asset in the timeline
  • Fixed URL validator does not allow certain URLs, so that multicast urls are permitted for streams
  • Re added the ability to set hh/mm/ss times on Validity and Recurrence settings
  • Fixed "Validity" times are in 12h AM/PM format but "Recurrence" times are in 24h format
  • Add dd/mm/yyyy format to time picker
  • Prevent Unprocessed assets from being added to the timeline
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