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How do I access the Signagelive (beta) application?


Now that you're formally introduced, we're sure that you want to dive right in.

You can now test and use the new playlist creator in our Signagelive (Beta) application. 

And how do you access this application?

Firstly, make sure you're logged in to Signagelive. You should be looking at the normal interface, which you'll probably be used to by now.

You can choose the Beta application from the application menu at the top right side of your page (as shown below).


Once you've switched to the new Signagelive (Beta) application, you can then also switch between the new and old playlist creators and really test the water.

To switch between the two, you'll need to access the content menu and hover over the playlist option. You'll then see 'Create/ Edit' which is the new Beta playlist creator as well as 'Create/ Edit (Old Editor) which is our old, flash based playlist creator. Here's another GIF showing the two options in the content menu.


If you need a bit more information than the steps above, have a look at this video showing you each of the steps in order.


So have a play with the Signagelive (Beta) Application and let us know your thoughts and feedback in our community.

Don't forget, the Beta apps will have some features added and removed during it's testing period, so make sure you have a look at our 'Old vs New - What's the difference' page for more information.


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