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As per our latest update on the 25th July 2016 we are pleased to announce that native portrait is now available to use on the Samsung Smart Signage Platform (E range Panels and above). If you are a current user of the application then you will likely know that when using videos in a Portrait rotation you would have needed to have rotated the video files prior to uploading to Signagelive to ensure they displayed correctly.

The great benefit of the new Native Portrait feature is that you no longer need to rotate videos and can simply use the on screen Samsung Menu to set the portrait mode and the Signagelive application will adhere to this setting.

Please Note: that Native Portrait is only available to you if you have a supported Samsung E Range Panel. It is not possible to achieve this functionality if you have an earlier panel model such as the C or D range or currently available on the Tizen/ F Series display range.

How do I use Native Portrait?

To be able to use the Native Portrait feature you will need to follow these steps:

  • The first step is that you will need to change the URL you are using in the URL Launcher from to via the Home button and then the Change URL option. 
Please note

Following this step, you must deactivate and reactivate your Signagelive player before the settings will take place. (For more information on deactivating a Signagelive licence, click here).

  • When you have changed the URL, please now click the Source button and select any of the inputs. As they appear first we'd recommend selecting the PC or HDMI inputs, but it does not matter which you choose for the process.
  • Once the source has changed, please now click on the Menu button and then from the options select the OnScreen Display option. From the sub-options that will appear from doing this, please select Display Orientation.
  • On the Display Orientation window, please now ensure that the OnScreen Menu Orientation and Source Content Orientation are set to be Portrait.
  • Once you have made these selections, you are now ready to press the Home button and then select URL Launcher to return back to using the Samsung Smart Signage application with Signagelive.

You have now successfully changed the screen orientation, which will act now as your native setting as opposed to using the Signagelive application to achieve this.

Feature Support Matrix

The following table will provide you a Feature Support Matrix for certain playback and Native Portrait across the current Samsung model types:

  Landscape Portrait (Signagelive) Portrait (Native)
C Series Gapless videos not supported

Video must be rotated in production

HDMI-In not rotated

Not supported
D Series Gapless videos supported

Video must be rotated in production

Gapless videos supported

HDMI-In not rotated

Not supported

E Series Gapless videos supported

Video must be rotated in production

Gapless videos supported

HDMI-In not rotated

Videos do not need to be rotated in production

Gapless videos supported

HDMI-In rotated

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