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LG webOS - How can I set gapless playback?


As per our July 2016 LG webOS update, we are pleased to inform you that when scheduling to the panels you can now achieve gapless playback with your video content.

In terms of how you achieve this, gapless playback can be achieved by creating a Playlist within the Playlist Creator and ensuring that it contains just fullscreen videos. The only video format supported gapless is MP4, LG recommends that all videos are the same resolution, however, during our testing we have found that videos of different resolutions play gapless.

Please Note: Gapless Playback on LG webOS is only supported on LG webOS 2.0 or newer panels.

What do I need to do to my Playlist to make it be Gapless?

The following examples will show you a Playlist that would be gapless and non-gapless, highlighting how the structure of your Playlist Timeline will determine whether this functionality works or not within your scheduling.

Successful - Gapless Playlist Example

The following example would work because it contains a Playlist with videos only:

Unsuccessful - Gapless Playlist Example

The following example would not work because it contains a Playlist with a mixture of videos and images:

Gapless Playback Tip:
If you have followed the instructions and still find that your Playlist is showing black frames between the videos then we recommend you check whether there are black elements at the beginning and end of your videos. If this is the case then this will be causing the playback to show these black elements and will result in playback not appearing to be gapless.
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