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SSSP - How can I set gapless playback?


As you may be aware back in the early releases of the Samsung Smart Signage Platform there were black frames shown between videos as the videos needed to be loaded on to the video decoder. Overall Samsung confirmed this transition would be around 1/3 of a second.

The good news is that on the newer Samsung models (D range and higher) we have now developed our Signagelive solution to allow gapless playback when using fullscreen videos only. Working with this understanding you can then remove the black frames and achieve gapless playback.

Please Note: If you are considering the use of gapless playback we would like to reiterate that this feature with Signagelive on the Samsung Smart Signage Platform is achievable on the D range panels and later. If you have a C range panel then gapless cannot be achieved.
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