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How to publish a Widget in a Layout?


If you want to schedule a widget from your Signagelive network within a Layout to your Signagelive Players, then you will need to go through the following steps:

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How to configure a Widget in a Layout?

    1. Please begin by clicking on the Content menu and from the drop-down please click on the Layouts option.
    2. You will now be shown the Layout Manager and at this stage will have the option to select a previously created Layout to add a widget to, or the ability to click on the New button to then start a new Layout from scratch. Whichever option you select, please proceed and when you are at the stage of being within the Layout Designer please move to the next step.

    3. When you are in the Layout Designer, you will need to click on the Content Zones tab and then from the Static Zones section will need to drag and drop the Widget zone to your Layout template.

    4. When the Widget zone has been added to your design template you will be in a position to resize the zone with your mouse or with the use of the Layer Basics tab that is shown when the zone is selected. However it is likely you will want to simply click the Widget Design tab and then from the Widget drop-down option select the Widget you wish to put in this zone.
    5. If you do not see the widget you wish to add to the Zone shown then please click on the View More option that appears at the bottom of the Widget drop-down menu.
    6. When you've selected your desired widget you will now be prompted with the Configure Widget prompt where you can set certain properties, such as Background Colour on your newly added widget. Once you have made your selection choices please click the OK button and your widget will now be added to your template.
    7. Now added you will see a preview of the selected widget within your intended Zone and again have a chance to resize things if you wish to ensure its looks good on your Layout design. You can use your mouse to drag size changes to the sizing your require, or use specific coordinates if you wish.
    8. When you are happy to publish, please now click on the Home tab and then click the Save icon. Once done, you will be asked to give your Layout a name that it will be referenced by for future use.

    9. You are now ready to publish the content, so lets show you how you would now publish the Layout.

How to publish a Layout with a Widget?

  • To begin publishing your Layout with your widget included, please start by clicking on the Content menu and from the drop-down click Publish. After clicking Publish, please now click on the Schedules/Interrupts option.
  • You will now be asked "How do you want to show your content?" and will need to select the "As a Schedule" option. After this you will be asked "When do you want your schedule to start?" - please select Now. You will now be asked "When would you like your schedule to end?" - please select Run until further notice.
  • You will now be asked "What do you wish to show?" - please select Layout. Afterwards you will be shown the Open Layout screen where you will need to find your recently saved Widget Layout. Once you have found it please either double click on it, or click it once and then select the OK button to move to the next stage.
  • You will now see a preview of your Layout template and you will be required to add content to any Schedulable and/or RSS Zone that you have within your template. Once you have done this please click on the OK button to proceed.
  • You will now be at the stage where you select which Players on your Signagelive network you would like to publish the Layout template to. Please now move the Players you do wish to publish to from the Search Results column to the Publish To column to achieve this.
    • When you are happy about the Players you are going to publish to, please now click on the Publish button that will be show at the top-right of the Publish To column.

You have now published your Layout template and it will begin playing on your Player when it has done a Content Check and successfully downloaded the new schedule.

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