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At Signagelive we are constantly updating the platform and the Client Applications to release new features, fix any bugs and provide easy to follow and up to date documentation. Here's an account of what's recently happened.

November 2017

  • SSSPAdded support for adjusting brightness on OMD (High Bright) Models

October 2017

  • SSSPFixed issue where videos could flicker on content changes
  • SSSPFixed issue where videos would always be at the front when Signagelive is rotated 90 or 180 degrees

September 2017

  • SL CloudAdded automated renewal process and new Licence Manager
  • SL CloudAdded support for Remote Screenshots
  • SSSPAdded support for Remote Screenshots and additional data in Web Triggers
  • LG webOSAdded support for Remote Screenshots and additional data in Web Triggers
  • Chrome OSAdded support for additional data in Web Triggers
  • SL CloudImproved loading speed of the Player Manager
  • SL CloudAdded Player Status Notifications and Content status in Player Manager
  • SL CloudImproved multi-selection across pages within managers

July 2017

  • SL CloudUpdated the Signagelive Login and Menu Styling, along with moving the Live Chat button to provide more screen real estate
  • SL CloudHTML5 UI - Player Manager updates
    • Added ability to preview and remove a default playlist
    • Made the Renewal date display correctly in the Player list
    • Interrupts now show "Play to length", if no duration set
    • Player schedules not show "not set" when no schedule end date set
  • SL CloudHTML5 UI - Playlist Creator updates
  • SL CloudDashboard - Ability to search for Players by tags

May 2017

April 2017

February 2017

  • MarketplaceAdded ability to add items to your Network with a single click
  • MarketplaceAdded Weather Widgets
  • SL CloudAdded the new HTML5 Player Manager
  • SL CloudAllowed admins to set the password for newly created Local and Message Manager Users
  • SSSP / TizenImproved the visual transition when moving to a Widget or from a Widget in a Playlist
  • LG webOSAdded support for webOS 3.0
  • LG webOSImproved the visual transition when moving to a Widget or from a Widget in a Playlist
  • Chrome OSAdded Offline Widget Support

January 2017

October 2016

September 2016

July 2016

  • IAdeaAdded AnyTilesTM Synchronisation Support on XMP-7300
  • IAdeaAdded Transparent Web Page support
  • SL CloudAdded the ability to be able to pass Signagelive Player information to a web page, using specific Placeholders
  • LG webOSAdded support for Gapless playback on webOS 2.0 Displays
  • SSSPAdded Multi Video support and Native Portrait support

May 2016

April 2016

  • IAdea4K Support on the IAdea XMP-7300
  • SSSPFixed gapless audio issue on E Series
  • SSSPAdded the ability to disable remote firmware updates
  • SSSPAdded SD/USB External Storage Support

March 2016

  • Player APIPlayer configurations are now generated in the backgrond when a player is modified or content is published or refined.
  • SMIL APIFix for potential invalid SMIL configuration if the player is deactivated and reactivated
  • LG webOSFixed an issue which could cause the screen to go black

February 2016

  • DocsUpdated the styling of the Help Centre to match closer and provide a easier to navigate portal for our users.

January 2016

  • SL CloudPrevented non-approved file types from being uploaded
  • Player APIFixed an issue logging the reboot time when sing "Reboot at next content check"
  • LG webOSFixed setting the DateTime on webOS 2.0
  • Chrome OSFixed moving to the next asset when there is no network connection meaning a web page could not be displayed

November 2015

  • SL CloudImproved the security across Signagelive
  • SMIL APIFixed an issue where SMIL players were not reporting their Timezone correctly
  • SSSPFixed an issue for potentially running out of storage space

Many brilliant changes were made prior to November 2015 but they are not logged here.

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