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How to use Queues within your Network?


When deploying content on your network, or if you make a change to a currently active playlist within your deployed schedule, you are given information as to the progress of these deployments via a Queue system. The Queue feature shows your new deployments or playlist refinements in two separate categories; as per below:

  • My Queues - Shows your deployments and playlist refinements that are in progress and only lists the changes that are related to you.
  • Network Queues - Shows the deployments and playlist refinements that are in progress, which have been made by other users who have access to your Signagelive network.

With the use of both of these options you will able to see the queue information relevant to both you and your entire network. The information shown within the Queues feature shows you the Schedule Name, when it was created and its current progress. When the deployment has been successful it will be removed from the Queue area, therefore only deployments that are still in progress will be listed.

When a playlist deployment, or refined playlist, has successfully deployed then it will be remove from your Queues area. You will also receive an email confirmation when your deployment has been processed to let you know.

Where is the Queues feature on my network?

If you are interested in using the Queues feature, then you will be able to find this on your network by carrying out the following steps:

  1. Firstly please make sure you are logged in to your Signagelive account and within your desired network.
  2. When within your network, you will then need to click (over hover over) the Reports menu at the top of the screen.
  3. From the Reports menu, you can the select the Queues option to be taken in to the Queues feature.
  4. After following the steps above you will now be in the Queues area and will by default be on the My Queues tab. If you would like to switch to the Network Queues area you can easily achieve this by clicking on the Network Queues tab.

How do my deployments get added to my queue?

As you will see from the Queues area, each section is divided in to two separate areas, these are:

  • Publish Queue: Schedules that appear in this section are new deployments that have never been deployed previously.
  • Playlist Refinement Queue: Schedules that appear in this section are active deployments that have been edited.

In terms of a Playlist Refinement change, this would include making any kind of change to your active playlist, so adding or removing assets, altering playback conditions or any asset lengths would all be included in this. At the point you then select to save your playlist, it will ask you if you wish to automatically update and by selected Yes, you changed scheduled will now be added to the Queue and be listed under the Playlist Refinement area.

The sort of prompt you'll receive when saving an already deployed playlist is show below:


When schedules that are being processed are added to the queue they will remain shown until they are completed. Here's an example of how you Queue would appear when they Publish and Playlist Refinement queues have been populated with schedules.

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