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How to add your template ready for editing?


Once you've decided on your ideal template, here's how you can download this and add it to your Signagelive network ready for use in your Layout Template:

  • Please click on the template of your choice and this will open up in fullscreen in a new browser tab. If you right click the fullscreen image you will be able to save the image to your computer in a location of your choice.
  • Please now log in to your Signagelive network with your account details via
  • Please now click on the Content menu and then select Layouts from the drop-down. Now you will be in the Layout Manager, so please now click on the blue button named New.

  • Please now configure your Layout by selecting the ideal screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 and select Landscape or Portrait orientation as appropriate for your selected template. Please now click on the Create Layout button.
  • Please click on the Layout Design tab and within the Background section of the Layout Design tab, please click on the drop-down which by default will show the word None.

  • Within the drop-down, please now click the Add New option and then find the downloaded template on your computer and then select to Upload this to your Layout Design area.

  • Upon the upload process of your layout template you will be prompted with the below window prompt. Simply tick the available box to confirm that you have permission to upload and distribute this asset and then proceed by clicking the Upload button.
  • Once added the template will now be added to your Layout Designer and will automatically appear within your Layout design for the first time.

Well done, you've successfully added the template of your choice to your Layout Designer. It's now time to begin adding some Content Zones to your newly added design.

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