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Internet Explorer 9 (or below) Issues since recent update


If you are a user of Internet Explorer 9 then after our recent 5th May 2015 update you will have likely experienced a problem where the Signagelive logo appears fullscreen when you attempt to log in and the user interface does not appear as it should.

If you are experiencing this problem then there are two solutions:

Solution 1:

The ideal solution would be to update your browser from Internet Explorer 9 to Internet Explorer 11, which you can do by following the below link:

Get Internet Explorer 11

With that said, we know that some locations will not have the ability to simply update their browser version so there is a secondary solution which will ensure you can use the latest Signagelive update with Internet Explorer 9.

Solution 2:

Internet Explorer 9, and earlier versions of the browser, ignores Access-Control-Allow Headers and by default prevents cross-origin requests for the Internet Zone. Therefore unless you set a particular setting within the browser you will not see the latest CSS used for the Signagelive update.

The below steps will show you how to enable "Access data sources across domains" within your Internet Explorer settings:

  1. Within Internet Explorer, please click on the Tools menu.
  2. From the Tools menu, please select Internet Options.
  3. Within the Internet Options window, please click on the Security Tab.
  4. On the Security Tab, please click on the Custom Level button.
  5. Within the Security Settings - Internet Zone window, please find the following option under the Miscellaneous section: "Access data sources across domains".
  6. On the "Access data sources across domains" setting, please ensure this is set as Enabled.

The following screenshot will show you this process in full:

Please let us know if you have any problems after following this article as we are here to help.

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