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Its been a while in the making but we are almost ready to release Proof of Play into Public BETA. The application has been in BETA for some time, but were still accepting sign ups and very much appreciate any feedback that can be offered on the feature.


  • Feature OverviewAs a reminder of the Proof of Play solution, check out our Overview Document.
  • Want to Sign Up - Do you want to be one of the first users? If so fill out the BETA Sign up form.

Why is this a BETA and what does it mean?

Proof of Play is a big addition to Signagelive, and it has a lot of different uses. We have spent a lot of time designing it so that is very configurable and collects a lot of data, but with a lot of new features, until it is used by the people who are actually doing the work we can’t be certain it is giving everyone what they want.

BETA means that we have a product, that we believe to be an MVP (Minimum Viable Product), we know there will be features that people want adding, things that don’t quite make sense to Users and some bugs to iron out.

We have of course done a lot of intensive testing, with a large variety of data, but we can be sure one of our Customers will do something we hadn’t planned for.

The BETA program means that you can be one of those customers who gets their hands on it first and can shape the direction that it goes in. With your feedback and comments we will look to quickly add and improve on the product during it’s BETA period.

How will the BETA work?

If you want to be one of our BETA users, first you need to get in touch. We can then give you a full demonstration of the Proof of Play product and its set-up.

Then we want to know about how you are going to be using it. What information do you want to be getting out of the reporting, are you using it for its main design purpose, the proof to advertisers that their content is being shown as and when they have paid for it to be shown, or do you want to use it from something more?

Maybe you want to be able to perform a comparison with Point of Sales figures to see the impact certain adverts have on sales to prove return on investment. Understand how many times a product is lifted and interactive content is shown or how many times an interrupt has been triggered.

Once the BETA is ready for use we will work on a project plan with you, so that we can get you up and running.

We need to install Proof of Play on your Signagelive network, set-up the Users and then we can work together to get your Proof of Play configuration right for what you want to achieve.

We don’t want to just put it on all of your Players on Day 1, we need to select a couple of Players where you know exactly what should be played and we can get Proof of Play working on those Players. Then once the Reports are being created we can both make sure that the Reports have got all of the data you are looking for. We can then add more Players as you get comfortable with the setup and reports.

Once you have got your hands on the data, you will probably have some ideas about how you want to use this data, is there a different grouping you are looking for, how are you filtering the data, do you want to import the data into one of your other back end systems?

We will then regularly review the feedback we are getting from all of our BETA users and prioritise that feedback into features and improvements we will add.

We can’t promise that we will add everything you ask for, but we want to make the product as good as possible and as useful to as many people as we can.

Remember…..your feedback is important to us!

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