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How to use the Network Wizard to help you get under way?


If you have just created your network, or currently have no registered Players, then you will be automatically presented with the Network Wizard which will guide you to getting under way.

When you see the wizard you will be presented with the Welcome to your new Signagelive network wizard which will take you through the process of getting you under way as soon as possible.

Here are the steps you will need to follow to complete the setup wizard:

  1. Firstly you will be informed that in order to follow the wizard, it would easiest if you have Signagelive open in two windows so that you can keep this wizard open. Therefore as a first step please can you click on the available link to open things in a secondary window.
  2. Once you have opened the secondary window tab, please click on Start the Wizard to proceed to the next step.
  3. The first question you will be asked is "Are you a new Signaglive user?". Please therefore select Yes or No to this question to proceed.
  4. You will now be asked "Do you have license codes you need to add to your network or would you like to setup your player?".
    • If you select "Yes - I have licenses that I need to add to my network" then you will be presented with two Help Article guides to assist you. Once you have gone through these guides you can select "My Licenses are added let's setup my player" to proceed.
  5. - If you select "No - I want to setup my player" then you will be presented with the "Is the Signagelive software installed on your player?" screen and will be asked if you have our software installed on your device.
  • If on the "Is the Signagelive software installed on your player?" screen you select "Yes - the software is installed and I have a 6 digit code" then you will be presented with Help Centre articles on how to activate your Player and making sure you get this connected.
  • If on the "Is the Signagelive software installed on your player?" screen you select "No - Please show me how" then you will be given a choice to select "What type of player do you have?" and therefore need to click the relevant option to your hardware configuration.

Regardless of the selection you make at this stage you will be presented with the relevant installation guides from our Help Center within the wizard to help you get started. Once you have worked through the configuration you will now be ready to activate your device and will need to click on "My Player has a 6 digit code, let's activate it!".

After activating at least one device then the wizard will disappear and not be shown when you login to your Signagelive network.

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