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Searching the Player Dashboard


Using the Search feature on the Signagelive Dashboard is very simple to do and is as easy as entering your search terms within the Search area within the top right of the screen. It is possible to locate search results by entering information such as Player Serial Numbers, any part of the player address details or any reference code.

After entering your search term and pressing Enter, Return or the magnifying glass icon to the right of your Search area, the Player information at the bottom of the Dashboard will filter to show you any corresponding results.

You will also notice that the Search facility in your network will alter depending on what filter you have applied within the Player Dashboard. Therefore if for example, you have clicked to view Players not Connected then your Search facility will automatically update and show the following:

Lastly, in terms of filtering your Player results, you will also notice a drop-down that allows you to select whether you what Status of Players are shown. You can select this option with the use of the drop-down that sits to the right of the Dashboard within the header of where you'll see the returned Player results depending on your view or search.

There are four options that you can filter by when using this feature:

  • Any Status
  • No Warnings or Alerts
  • Warnings Only
  • Alerts Only.
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