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Overview of your Player Dashboard


The Signagelive Dashboard is your ‘at a glance’ overview of any and all Player activity within your Signagelive Network. You can monitor Players downloading latest published content as well as making sure that each Player is performing Health and Content Checks at their expected intervals.

It’s traffic light colour scheme makes it easy to spot and investigate issues promptly and you can edit the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) within your settings to reflect the notifications that are more relevant to you and your Players.

Watch this video to learn more about the Player Dashboard:


What level of alerts are available?

Within your Dashboard KPIs, you can configure both Alerts and Warnings. These show on your Dashboard as follows:

  • Warnings - Shown on your Dashboard as Amber coloured notifications
  • Alerts - Shown on your Dashboard as Red coloured notifications

Can I change the information shown on the dashboard?

The information shown on your Signagelive dashboard can be configured to show alerts and warnings depending on the status of your players.

You can learn more about KPI settings in this article.

Can I change the information for certain player types?

Yes, within the KPI page (see above) you can follow these steps to configure the KPIs for certain player types. You can learn more about Player type specific KPIs in this article.

You can also access each Player's information by selecting the menu to the right of each Player and choosing either ‘Summary’ or ‘Go to Player Details’ where you can view or edit each Player's details.

How can I find out more?

You can learn more about the Dashboard and configuring your Signagelive Network details by reading more within the Monitor your Players of our Help Centre or speaking to our Support Team (

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