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How to activate your Player?


When you have configured the Signagelive application on your specific device, you will now be shown a 6 digit Activation Code when our software is launched.

Watch how to activate your Player

You will now be in a position to activate your licence, so please make a note of your Activation Code, and follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the Login into Signagelive link, or navigate to your network at
  2. Within your network, please click on the Settings and then Licences menus.
  3. Please locate the licence you wish to activate against and then please click on the 16 digit code shown.
  4. When you click on the code you will be shown a Licence Summary page and this will include an Activate Player section. Within this section, please enter your 6 digit activation code which was shown in the Configuration Wizard.
  5. To finish, please now click the Activate Player button and the device will now be activated against your network.

Now that you have now successfully activated your hardware device using your available Signagelive licence, your device will soon stop showing the Activation Code and begin automatically showing the Signagelive default image content.

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