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How to edit your Signagelive Network?


After you've configured your network you may at some point wish to change some of the information associated to it. Whether that's a network name change or you simply wish to change the contact and address information, then you can do so very easily within your Signagelive account.

How do I begin to change the Network settings?

To begin changing information on your network, you will need to carry out the following steps:

  1. Firstly make sure you are on the 'My Signagelive' page within your account. If you are not, then simply use the drop-down available to select this option by clicking on the Network area at the top right of your screen.
  2. When on the 'My Signagelive' page, if you cannot see the network you wish to edit straight away then please use the search feature available. 
  3. When you've located your network, you will see that there is a blue cog icon to the right hand side of your network name on the same row.
  4. Please click on this blue cog icon button and you will be taken to the correct area where you can begin editing your network name, contact details and address, branding or applications.

When you are on the correct editing screen for your network, all you need to do to make a change is alter the information in any of the Name, Contact, Branding or Contact Address areas and then click the Save button. These types of changes you make to your network can be made at any time and as many times as you require.

Is there another way to begin editing my Network?

Yes, if you are already logged in to a network and this network name is shown in the top right of your screen then there is another route you can take to easily begin editing. This route differs from using the My Signagelive page to search for your network and click the corresponding Edit button.

To do this all you need to do is click on the network name shown in the top right area of the main menu and a drop-down menu will appear. It is from this drop-down menu that you can then select the Edit option and this will take you directly the editing area where you can make changes to the network you are currently in.

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